A Little About D

Destini Delayna Hendricks is a native of Orlando Florida and began her training at three years old. Destini started her training at Shooting Stars School of Performing under the direction of Melissa Stokes. Through her time there, she trained in all styles including jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, etc from teachers all over like Keith Clifton, Chase Bowden, Troy Brown and many more. Along with dancing, Destini grew up singing and apart of her school choirs as both of her parents are music educators. 

Destini has gotten the opportunity to dance at many events including Cher’s Here We Go Again Tour, New York Fashion Week, Pace Commercial Dance productions and much more. While at Pace, she also signed and is now represented by MSA Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Here at Pace, Destini has gotten to work with many different choreographers like Dominique Kelly, Chris Duprè, Joe Brown, Candace Brown, Shannon Lewis, and many more choreographers. Destini is excited to continue her journey after graduation pursuing ensemble roles on Broadway or Radio City Spectacular, dancing on tour with major artist, dancing on film and much more! Along with dance, Destini loves teaching and choreographing and has learned a lot from being Rhonda Miller's assistant as well as assisting Chris Duprè on a music video. Destini continues to learn, grow, and accomplish her dreams throughout her performing journey.